I brought in my broken thumb drive for data recovery on a Tuesday on Thanksgiving week. Eman said there was no reassurance if they can even do the job since my thumb drive was broken in that part where you stick it in the port on the computer. I was quoted $75 and that was how much I had to pay also. I am giving them 5 stars because Sam worked to reconnect my usb drive on Thanksgiving day and I got it that same day. I don't know if the amount they quoted me was ok or not but I find it reasonable considering he worked on it most of Thanksgiving day. Awesome service.
Emilie D.
Lake Balboa, CA

My Acer computer died due to virus attack I even couldn't start my windows it's crashed and didn't boot up I know something about recovery but it was completely out of work.
I searched computer center in Sherman oaks and I called pctech center and I got some help but my problem was so serious I was really worry about my data that I had in my Acer computer.
Eman really knows what to do for disaster recovery next day he called me and said everything came back and it was ready to pick up. And I expected him to charge me a lot but fixing cost was really sensible thanks you guys.
Maria L.
Valencia, CA

Pctech represents the very best services. Eman know what their customers want and they provide all the right incentives with the best price for data recovery in San Fernando Valley . I had my Toshiba hard disk drive crashed and my data was so valuable for me he recovered all my data and explain me how to back up my data regularly to avoid such this disaster. Very friendly and knowable. Thank you so much pctech. You save my life. You don't know how important was my data . Highly recommended.
Bob S.
Los Angeles, CA

Hey so i was searching around in van nuys and sherman oaks to find a computer repair store. I had recently broken my samsung ev laptop (which costed like 2000$ by the way). Then i went to a couple computer repair stores and ended up eventually finding and calling PC Tech. They were really nice people and a found a great price even for a major repair. I then went there to give in my laptop and meet the staff. They were very kind and professional about the whole thing which reassured me. They ended up fixing the whole thing that day so i didnt have to skip work and grab it!. There was some reallyimportant files i had stored up but they were luckily able to recover it. After i got it back it worked in better condition than i got it, and it was a lot faster as well. I highly recommend PC Tech for their high quality assistance. Hope this helps guys :).
John S.
Los Angeles, CA

No nonsense, fast service, and inexpensive prices. I was blown away by how quick and effective their work was. It was also cheaper than what I was anticipating. I would definitely recommend you give PC Tech a visit. They make you feel welcome, explain things clearly, and are very efficient. Great service!
Christopher V.
Torrance, CA

I don't who the complainer is below who thought she could get PCTech to make her computer work for her without slipping them a few bucks, but ignore her.
These guys were great! My power pack died on my desktop. Based on the first Yelp review I saw here, I called and talked to Eman, the boss. I told him what the problem was and he said "No problem," told me he could fix it in 15 minutes while I waited and quoted me a price.
I drove over to the small shop on Van Nuys and Eman couldn't have been nicer. Fixed my computer in 15 minutes, charged me exactly what he quoted and I was on my way home.
PCTech is great. I drove twenty minutes out of my way to avoid a store 1 minute from where I live because they .... just never felt right. PCTech felt right; Eman and his techie were knowledgeable, fun to talk with and did the job they promised. Go there....
Renny T.
Los Angeles, CA

Like previous reviewer, I first found Eman on a holiday weekend -- he returned my call on the Sunday before Memorial Day, told me to bring it in on the Monday holiday, and I had my notebook back in working order the same day. In two subsequent visits he has fixed and maintained my elderly Vostro in great condition. His PCTech outfit is always quick, efficient and amazingly reasonable.
Don't like to argue with other reviewers, but Janelle S, I think you're way out of line here. You expected to go to a professional establishment and get your problem fixed for free? If you're so "experienced in computer repair," why not do it yourself? And if a stranger asked you to repair their computer, would you really do it for free?
There's a sign on the wall at PCTech that clearly explains a minimum $35 dollar charge for diagnosis, deductible from any actual repairs. Standard practice, and never an issue for me because Eman has always diagnosed and repaired my computer swiftly and inexpensively.
So please, disregard the diss from Janelle S. Eman and PCTech offer the best and least expensive computer repair I've found in the Sherman Oaks / Van Nuys area.
Steve H.
Los Angeles, CA

I found PC repair through yelp and read about all the rave.
Mr. Eman and Farzad did a job well done!!!!
They changed my PC system around like a 180 degree. In-turn it works at my specifications.
Don't go with anyone else and just give them a call, they are very friendly and at the same time professional. No geeks here just knowledgable staff.
Lastly, they work hard from start to finish. With a little time and patients my computer was transformed into a "work horses" and mention Level G. My home/office is so much more efficient. Great work and thank you.
R.M. Level G C.

My HP computer had the fatal "blue screen of death." The diagnostic code I was able to obtain by using my own limited computer skills was: "biohd-8." The operating system was gone. I immediately called HP Support and was told exactly this by the tech: "Very sorry, but your hard-drive is gone and your files and data are lost forever. You can go out and purchase a new hard-drive and we will guide you along as you load up Windows 7 into the new drive." I said "Thanks," and immediately went on-line to find a tech.
PC Tech Computers had the highest customer reviews in my area, so I figured, what the heck.
PLEASE believe the positive reviews! Eman explained the problem with my hard-drive, told me what he would attempt to do and gave me a very fair estimate of costs.
In less than three hours, he called me back with the good news that he had retrieved ALL of the data and files and music from my broken hard-drive and placed them on a new drive.
I highly recommend the services and skills of the staff at PC Tech.
Thanks, Eman!
Robert C.
Los Angeles, CA

Great Tech, excellent service, reasonable prices and friendly attitude. Everytime I go to this place for any computer repair service like data recovery or hardware repair their staff always treat me like I'm very special to them. All my PC components both hardwares and softwares have been assembled and installed by PC TECH. Installation of professional softwares such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and hardwares such as Intel Core i7, NVIDIA Quadro graphic card, Motherboard and sound card are among the services that PC TECH has done for me. I'm very satisfied and grateful for their Tech-support and customer services in the past 3 years.
Amir P.

Upon entering PC Tech, I received a friendly greeting from Eman. After I explained my problem, he told me he would get back to me within 4 hours with a diagnosis. After 3 and a half hours, he called and said my computer was repaired and ready for pickup.
He saved me time, money, and got my business back up and running within half a day.
At PC Tech you will receive friendly expertise, courtesy, and very fair pricing. Eman and PC Tech have my PC service business permanently. Thank You!!!
Henry R.
Los Angeles, CA


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